UFT Learning

Lesson 1 – UFT Automation


UFT is an Automation Tool developed by HP Software, to automate software Testing.

For more details, you can visit the HP Website.

UFT Automation

Majorly UFT Test automation is used for Regression Testing by the software company.

But with new Features we can do the Business and Function Testing also.

UFT ALM Connection

ALM connection with UFT is very much essential when you are creating an Automation for very regress application and impact is high with your automation and also with a big test team.


  1. Safe code with Check Out option.
  2. Can be run from ALM, UFT expert is not required.
  3. Results will be stored on ALM so user can check any time.
  4. Can run multiple Test from different machine parallel.

UFT 12.5 options:

New option

Creating New Test.

  1. GUI Test
  2. API Test
  3. Business Process Test
  4. Business Process Flow

Open Option

Existing Test, Function or Solution

Creating New GUI Test.

  1. Record a test
  2. Create Functions and call functions in Test Action

Recording test

  1. Create new Test
  2. Click on Record Button

Open Application and Run the manual steps.

Ex: for calculator

  1. Stop the record and Analyze the Code and Object repository(Local).
  2. Modify the Object names and their properties.

Use more appropriate name for the objects and more common identification properties.

Open application and use Highlight button to check the object.

Change the object name and properties accordingly.

The identification in Scripts get updated so that programmer or Automation tester, will know the object is used for what purpose.

In this way we can update the script and get the good code.

Running test

Run options:

  1. Run – Run will run the test as standard mode.
  2. Maintenence Run Mode – in this mode user get the suggestion from UFT if there is any steps which is not working or objects are not identified, so that user can modify the steps or object at run time.
  3. Update Run Mode – If some object is changed and able to identified by QTP it automatically makes changes to script without asking user.

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