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Why is software testing required?

Software Testing is required because we all do mistakes.

Software Testing is required to find out if there is any gap between the requirement specification and actual System or software application or product.

Since we work in a team and also with different region people, there may be some common mistake, or some time we ignore small things, because of other work priority, or there me be interpretation or understanding issue, which can result in software failure, hence we all need to check our own work.

Ideally, tester should be another person who has not worked on a system as developer, to check our work because another person is more likely to spot the flaws.

There are some reasonable points which tell us as why Software Testing is important and what are the areas that we should consider while testing of any product or application.

Software testing is important because of the following:

  1. Required to point out the defects and errors that may come during the development phases.
  2. Customer satisfaction as we can surely tell that the product will work as expected, in general or for specific inputs provided by customer.
  3. It determines the quality of product, which can build confidence in team as well as customer and stake holders.
  4. It ensures the business needs get fulfill by the software as expected by stakeholders.
  5. It ensures the application is stable and also response to each type of input.
  6. It also ensures that application should not result into any failures, which can be a heavy loss to customer as well as stakeholders and also expensive to correct or recover.
  7. Delivering good quality product to customer, requires less maintenance reliable and consistent, which build up good customer relationship as well as good reputation.